These Blind Date Horror Stories Prove Love Isn't Blind! Tabs, Mon., April 5, 2021

These Blind Date Horror Stories Prove Love Isn't Blind! Tabs, Mon., April 5, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Bidenomics replacing Reaganomics: nerd stuff with Noah Smith! (Noahpinion)

Even if you don't read the words (but you should because they're awesome), click over for the beautiful data visualization of the Make America Jobs Again infrastructure bill spending, oh it's so fucking pretty. — Washington Post

Republicans used to like public investment in technologies of the future, but that is only when Joe Biden isn't president and it's still 1959. (Washington Post)

And David Roberts says the infrastructure bill is, and I quote: HOT DAMN. (Volts)

No idea, but maybe the GOP should shut the fuck up and let us throw money at all the infrastructure crimes they've committed: this Florida toxic waste spill. — Bradenton Herald

I love the Washington Post, but I have no idea what the fuck they were thinking doxing this extremism researcher who made very clear he used a pseudonym and they acted like he robbed Fort Knox. — Gizmodo

Read Joyce Maynard on Woody Allen and JD Salinger. (Vanity Fair)

LA Times owner's daughter Nika Soon-Shiong is my new favorite heiress (Daily Beast), and "awesome heiresses who are like fuck yeah we're spending all this money on awesome social justice shit" are among my very favorite people. Previous favorite heiresses include Aline Barnsdall (oh man, check HER out!) and whats her name, the chick who does big container gardens by the LA River, right, Annenberg heiress and environmental artist Lauren Bon.

Nika Soon-Shiong's father Patrick Soon-Shiong thinks maaaaaybe we should wake the fuck up to how racist we are maybe! (CNN)

Some people call it brain damage. Tom Robbins calls it pruning. Wait no, that is not it at all, this is about pruning your root balls for your spring container gardens. (Orange County Register)

When I was very young and working very hard for very little no money, I would go to the grocery store and dream of the day — sometimes I would cry! — that I could buy the $2.50 a pound tomatoes. Now some cruel soul has put me on this mailing list and this jam lady June Taylor is retiring and I'll take ONE OF THEM ALL. (No I won't. Maybe I will make some though! I bet that is a thing that will happen and it will doubtless be JUST AS GOOD.) (Narrative Foods) Oh whoops I just bought all of them. Well, middle age is good for something. (June Taylor Jams)

Not this June Taylor.

Okay, they were some pretty bad blind dates. (Factinate)

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