These Court Confessions Turned Cases Upside Down! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 3, 2021

These Court Confessions Turned Cases Upside Down! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 3, 2021
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How is Jen Psaki casting ASPERSIONS ON THE ASPARAGUSES TODAY? She seemed to make light of Space Force. (Politico)

Let's turn all "politics" reporters into "government" reporters, plus other thoughts on the media not sucking so incredibly hard. — Dan Froomkin at PressWatch

We paid Deloitte many tens of millions of dollars to make a vaccine scheduling website that does not work. (MIT Tech Review)


Racial gaps in school meal access :/ — CivilEats

There are in fact X number of Republicans with a conscience! "Spurred by the Capitol Riot, Thousands Leave GOP." (NPR)

Good thing the GOP has sponsored more than 100 bills around the country to make it harder to vote! — CNN

Well look who's being unity, it's Sarah Huckabee Sanders's predecessor as Arkansas gov, Asa Hutchinson! (AP)

Look who's not being unity, it is Lindsey Graham who ... won't schedule a vote for AG nominee Merrick Garland. It is almost like we've heard this song before! (Sorry, it's The Hill)

Why are Republican presidents so bad for the economy? JESUS CHRIST THANK YOU DAVID LEONHARDT AT THE NEW YORK TIMES.

Nobody would have ever guessed that Glenn Greenwald and friends would attack AOC for not being Left enough in comparison to ... Ted Cruz.

Axios says Trump's impeachment defense team didn't leave over the lunatic defense he wanted, it was that he was ... DUN DUN! ... too cheap to pay his lawyers. (Axios)

All the Trumpists undercutting his impeachment defense in their own insurrection trials: BUT HE TOLD US TO! — Buzzfeed News

New Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin swept all the Bannonite filth off the Defense advisory boards. (Politico)

Should we get rid of the internet? Well, no! — Grist

Joe Biden is getting rid of fossil fuel subsidies. But not all of them, that would be UNPOSSIBLE. (Grist)

I think SER gave you this Tony Bennett story yesterday, well too bad, I'm only two-thirds through it because it's so sad and lovely, and therefore it is a TABS! (AARP)

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