These Foods Are Scientifically Proven To Make You Happier! Tabs, Fri., Dec. 16, 2022

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Let me tell you about how it wasn't antifa, Laura Ingraham texted Mark Meadows hours before going on air to say antifa did January 6. Donald Trump Jr., too, if you were wondering! Plus literally every one of those fuckers. (Talking Points Memo's series on Mark Meadows texts)

Social media influencers laughed and laughed about "robbing from fucking idiots" while doing their little pump and dump stock scheme, and the SEC is laughing too! (Vice)

Surprise, Trump gave NONE MONEY to Herschel Walker for his Senate campaign and bogarted it all for himself, I SAID SURPRISE. (HuffPost)

Actual surprise though, he did finally sue the Pulitzer Prizes for the tort of giving an award he did not like! Here's Liz laughing her ass off back in October, when he threatened it (again). — Above the Law

At least his polling favorables are the lowest they've ever been, even lower than the entire four years of his misbegotten presidency, while Joe Biden's are ticking up and also aren't 31 percent.(Q Poll)

Oh, "defund the police" did the Q Club shooting? That's handy, glad the Republicans on the House Oversight Committee let us (and the very non-police-defunded Colorado Springs) know! — Amanda Marcotte at Salon

Good abortion rights news from Jessica Valenti! (Substack)

HOOBOY you know who shouldn't be giving "medical" advice? This lunatic at a crisis pregnancy center! — Reveal News

The backlash against 'housing first': housing never. (Vox)

Oh US Postal Service, the new John Lewis stamp is very much a nice time! (NBC News)

In Des Moines schools, cops are out, restorative practices are in. What's up with all the nice times?? — In These Times

One more! Michigan's got a surplus, and Michiganders have nice ideas on how to WASTE IT on schools and roads and drinking water! :) — Michigan Advance

Fuck, another one! NoCal Kaiser nurses negotiated a new contract with a big ol honking raise! (Labor 411)

Unvaccinated drivers crash more — like as much as people with sleep apnea — and could see their car insurance go up as a result. Being unvaccinated doesn't make you, like, pass out and crash, it just means you're stupid:

"One possibility relates to a distrust of government or belief in freedom that contributes to both vaccination preferences and increased traffic risks. A different explanation might be misconceptions of everyday risks, faith in natural protection, antipathy toward regulation, chronic poverty, exposure to misinformation, insufficient resources, or other personal beliefs," reads the study.

The Drive

Free COVID tests up again, aqui!

Happy foods! (Media Feed)

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