These Lucky People Found Real-Life Easter Eggs! Tabs, Wed., Feb. 17, 2021

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Oh, update? Update.

Tucker Carlson quintupled down on AOC MADE TEXAS HURT, so if you're wondering if we're going to write about it, the answer is UGH THIS FUCKING GUY AGAIN.

Noah Smith wants us to take a moment to appreciate our "world-beating" vaccine implementation. Really! (NoahPinion substack)

Aaron Burr made your filibuster. (What DIDN'T he do???) Here's four ways we can fix it even with Manchin and Sinema. — Ian Millhiser at Vox

Bonus! Here's Millhiser bitching about McConnell's abuse of the filibuster 10 years ago. (American Progress)

NAACP suing Trump, Proud Boys, and Oath Keepers for infringing the Ku Klux Klan Act. That seems like a bad act for an American president to infringe.Politico

Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy ain't give a flying shit, that man was guilty. (Advocate)

These Georgia Republicans want to send three doctors to examine your teen athlete daughter's vag. Government so small it can fit in a speculum! (LGBTQ Nation)

The young woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair is giving part of her gofundme to ... someone in need, don't know. More importantly, a) there's a hair gel called "Gorilla Snot," so it's in no way a stretch to think that's what she thought she was signing up for, and b) the "Saturday Night Live" sketch about her this past weekend was painfully racist and classist and I don't care if the actors were Black, it was awful. — Girls United

Jill Filipovic is amenable to the argument that the Left is a touch censorious ... and notes that most of the "cancel culture," which you're going to be hearing A LOT about as it's the only policy agenda the Right has left, is coming from ... the Right. Well, nobody ever said they weren't the most hypocritical POSes anyone could imagine. (Jill Filipovic substack)

I always get the extended warranty. They've never paid for anything yet. Should You Get the Extended Car Warranty? (LA Times)

Janet Yellen's Treasury Department "climate hub" is some good shit. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

Bob Vila is here to bum you out and tell you not to do ANYTHING FUN to your bathroom. (Bob Vila)


Early on, Red Beans hired out-of-work musicians to deliver food and coffee from 49 local restaurants and cafes to front-line healthcare workers in a program it called "Feed the Frontline." That soon morphed into Feed the Secondline, an ongoing subscription-based program that hired 100 out-of-work musicians and artists to grocery shop for 125 elder culture-bearers, who have shaped and created the city's music, food and dance that give it its outsized international reputation. In its latest program, after local officials canceled annual parades and events, the krewe created its "Hire a Mardi Gras Artist" campaign, which put 43 parade float designers to work creating over-the-top decor for 23 houses in the city's grassroots efforts to still put on a fabulous — albeit socially-distanced — Carnival show.

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