These Wholesome Posts Remind Us Of All That's Good In The World! Tabs, Fri., June 24, 2022

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These Wholesome Posts Remind Us Of All That's Good In The World! Tabs, Fri., June 24, 2022

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"To Trump’s true believers, the insurrection was an act of faith, Ashli Babbitt is a martyr, and white is not only a race, but a spiritual state."

We watched her die before we knew her name. We watched almost in real time, or soon enough after, her death looped and memed before the fight was over. But then, the fight’s still not over. A video gives us a crowd throbbing against two wooden windowed doors, one reinforced glass pane spiderwebbing, three Capitol Police officers, standing between the glass and members of Congress on the other side. We don’t yet know to look for her, but she’s there on the screen, the only woman, up front (“a firecracker,” her friends will say), screaming at cops. (“Joking,” her defenders will claim.) There’s a knife in her pocket. She shouts: “Just open the door!” It’s barricaded. “Break it down!” chant the men.

— Harrowing must-read, Vanity Fair

Lawyers Guns & Money: Is this illegal? How about now?

Drastic increases in crime whenever you allow concealed carry shruggy emoticon! (NBER)

Is 25 percent a good approval for the Supreme Court? (No. Twenty-five percent is not a good approval rating for the Supreme Court.) — Gallup

Colorado "constitutional sheriffs" candidates who promise they'll never take a gun away from someone trying to kill you, hearthug emoji! — Colorado Sun

This young man ("27," and no I don't know how either) was arrested for threatening to shoot all the gay people at Pride, but I don't see how you can arrest someone for something they haven't even done yet! RED FLAG LAW! DUE PROCESS! (Bothell Reporter news / Only Sky for his radicalizing pastor's background / charging docs for charging docs)

Eric Greitens's Death Squad politics. For people who want a man capable of leading their Death Squad, Greitens promises to give it his all. — Spencer Ackerman substack

Are they going to go after journalists who report on abortion? MAYBE, if the National Right to Life Committee gets its way! (Dame Mag)

Ani DiFranco and Stone Gossard have a new song and it benefits all the abortion funds.

When white Detroit auto workers killed Vincent Chin 40 years ago, his last words reportedly were "it's not fair." The reporter who turned his story into a national movement for Asian Americans sees it all happening again. Plus a lot of interesting history that won't make you want to die! (Metro Times)

All Wonkette's love to Lady Steele and her departed Mike Steele. What a good fucking man. We love you, sweetheart. Let's have a sad song.

Tequila, lime, and mineral water? Yeah, I got that. — Ranch water,

Sure yes, wholesome posts, MIGHT AS WELL! (My Health Gazette)

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