'They Are All More Like Secret Jews'

We thought George Allen was the Secret Jew, but Barney Frank says the closeted GOP gays on the Hill are the real Secret Jews. Talking about the Republican staffers who engineered the Foley coverup, Frank says: "There are others who were involved that I can't mention since they aren't out. They are all more like secret Jews."

But according to the only officially Out congressman, it's not looking good for the hundreds of Republican homosexuals at the Capitol.

"This is a real crisis, since before, gays in the Republican Party were willing to be tolerated, but Republicans will now be more nervous having gay people in positions of power. They have been critical of people who are out and gay--there could be a real purge of gays in the Republican Party now. It's probably just enough for people to be perceived to be gay."
Also, Frank reveals that gay Republicans used to go to D.C. parties with male dates, but since Bush came to town everybody has to bring a girl "date."

Rep. Barney Frank talks about the Foley scandal [Advocate]


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