They Can Put A Man On The Moon But They Can't Figure Out This Danged Urine Recycler

  • Barack Obama feels that a rage-based governing strategy would not be in the best interests of the country. Is this his Katrina moment or his Sister Souljah moment? [AP]
  • Yet another small plane has crashed, this one in a Montana cemetery. A whole bunch of kids were likely on board. [New York Times]
  • The trial for the only known surviving suspect in the Mumbai attacks began. [BBC News]
  • NASA found that a urine recycler at the International Space Station stopped working when urine was put into it. [Reuters]
  • Is the White House grooming Christina Romer for more TV and media appearances since her colleagues Tim Geithner and Larry Summers have proven so awful? She talked on the television about the government's new public-private partnership plan over the weekend, and then again on background and on "Good Morning America" today. [Washington Post, Reuters]
  • It is a bad idea to put violent middle-aged crazies in nursing homes with harmless old people. [Chicago Sun-Times]

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