They Never Even Played A Show, You Can't Hear 'Em On The Radio

* "This is Candy Tistadt, Dean Tistadt's wife. This message is for Dave Kori. How dare you call us at home?! If you've got a problem with going to school, you do not call somebody's house and complain about it." [DCist]

* "You guys are crazy! Wilco always does an unbelievable show at the 9:30 club." [Prince of Petworth]

* "One parent of an Idea Public Charter School student says the problem has been ongoing for weeks, but no one from Metro or either school was aware of the problem until Fox 5 showed them the video." [FOX5]

* "The proposal, which goes to the Senate, would require Northern Virginia residents to pay sales taxes on car purchases directly to the state instead of through dealers" [Read Express]

* "Since I can't make a decent living anymore driving a cab in DC thanks to Mayor Fenty, maybe this will be my resume in progress so you guys can hire me next year as your personal trainer so I can turn you in to a hot sexy chick or a fine strong hunk." [Diary of a Mad DC Cabbie]


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