They Put Coffee In The Coffee In Brazil

* "What? You don't care about how Virginia or Maryland voters can make a selection in the Tuesday primary? You want to know how DC folks can do it?" [Metroblogging DC]

* "The City Paper's Mike DeBonis (aka Loose Lips) provides a handy roundup of endorsements so far by city officials." [DCist]

* "We're totes impressed with this DC themed coffee table." [DCeiver]

* "Internationally, I have received visitors from 123 countries." [Arjewtino]

* "I love how people pretend that DC used to be stuffy but now it's very chic. Well, it's still stuffy and these young professionals and empty nesters are a big part of the problem. Nothing says 'hip' like a single ladder-climbing lawyer in his 30s." [why.i.hate.dc]


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