They're Lumberjacks and They're OK: Maine Gays Safe from Outing

Well, that didn't take long. The Christians in Maine have cancelled their fun-sounding "Name That Homo" contest:

    I am sorry for indicating that the League is going to keep a list of the "sexual orientation" of public policy makers and leaders. In the midst of fighting for something I feel very strong about I wrote and said things that I should not have written and spoken. I feel terrible that my words and conduct have besmirched the fine reputation and important ministry of the Christian Civic League of Maine. And I apologize to the Legislature and the people of Maine.

Guess our lawyers got to them. Still, we didn't expect them to cave so fast. Kinda womanly, dontcha think? The kind of thing a fag would do, that's what we're trying to say.

I apologize [Christian Civic League]

The Donald Capoccia Honorary Homo Award for Gayest-Seeming Bushie: We Have Competition! [Wonkette]


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