They're Not Booing, They're Saying "Let's Elect a Wooooooooooman"

When happens when you put Hillary Clinton before a room of rabid liberals and have her talk about Iraq? We think it might go, a little something, like this:

Here's a totally unscientific but not unimportant measure of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's evolution from Iraq war supporter to antiwar partisan in the last year: She was booed more lightly and gently at this morning's Take Back America gathering of liberal activists than she was a year ago.

Ah, yes, a gentle booing. The jeers and heckles of old friends, really. They're catcalls of affection! Who among us hasn't gathered a group together to shout insults at a loved one in public?

Of course, there ain't too much to boo any more, as Hillary has basically borrowed the position of Dennis Kucinich and is calling for deadlines, withdrawal, suspension of funding, revocation of Bush's authority, resurrecting Saddam's corpse to run the country, giving money, guns, and hugs to the insurgents, putting Fidel Castro on a postage stamp, renaming Reagan airport after Lenin, and giving the entire Louisiana Purchase back to the French. That doesn't stop those plucky hippies from making their little signs, though! Hillary would probably have to actually strangle Bush to death on live TV to get them off her back. Which, you know, wait till New Hampshire. She's got tricks up her pantsuit sleeves yet.

Clinton Gets Better Reception on Iraq [NYT]


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