Thing Atop Donald Trump's Head Wants To Be President Of Facebook


On the same day that Ohio Sen. Rob Portman dashed the dreams of tens of Americans with an announcement that he would not run for president, The Daily Beast tantalized us with the astonishing prospect that Donald Trump believes Donald Trump may just need to give serious consideration to running for the office of President of The Trump States of America.

While being interviewed by Olivia Nuzzi "about an unrelated matter" -- which frankly may have been the most interesting thing in the piece, because what was that? -- Trump said as how he's so incredibly popular that this time, this time, he may really have no choice but to answer the call of all his adoring admirers, for the good of the country:

“Well, I’m thinking about it. I’m certainly looking at it, and we’ll see who runs, and we’ll see how bad of shape the country is in. We just topped $18 trillion in debt, which is a very bad number -- that’s a record-shattering number. We just hit $18 trillion yesterday, $18 trillion in debt! Much of it to the Chinese and to people who are actually our enemies. This country needs really strong leadership and good leadership or it’s gonna be in very big trouble.”

And if we could just get a leader who's filed for bankruptcy multiple times, that would get fixed real fast, we bet.

"So, I’m certainly looking at it. A lot of people want me to do it. I have millions of Twitter followers and Facebook followers -- many millions -- boy, they really want me to do it. But we’ll see who runs. I’m going to examine what’s going on, and after the beginning of the New Year, I’ll make a decision. It’s something that -- It could happen. You know, look, I love the country, and I hate to see what’s happening to it. It’s run so poorly and so stupidly -- beyond poorly, It’s just run so stupidly. So, we’ll see what happens.

Look, if millions of people on Facebook like you, then what more of an endorsement do you even need? Thank goodness the grownup is finally in the room, to make our once-great nation less stupid. Among other things that Mr. Trump's Facebook page is doing to reduce the National Stupidity Index, we notice, is a string of posts about why Rosie O'Donnell was never a good fit for The View.

Wouldn't you just love to see that level of insight brought to a presidential debate?

[Daily Beast]

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