Things That Are Still Illegal

* It's illegal for anyone in the White House to delete their email but deleting it is a lot less illegal than the things they write email about. And nice try with those hotmail accounts, guys. [NYT, WP]

* Bush routinely ignores the bills he signs into law, and for some reason this is news. [WP]

* And after he's done doubling Guantanamo, Mitt Romney is going to recruit a jillion more soldiers and bring freedom to every country that isn't yet on fire. [USAT]

* There's pretty much no one left who hasn't joined the " Karl Rove fucked things up" bandwagon. [Roll Call]

* Harry Reid is sorry, but the Senate needs to do one or two things before everyone goes on vacation again. [The Hill]

* Which Senator running for president will be the first to say that nobody really read that intelligence estimate anyway? [The Hill]

* The political advantage in not having the president campaign for you is that you have a better chance at not losing the election. [Politico]


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