Things Will Be Better in Future Times

Valentine's Day can be a somber affair for some, but the kind folks responsible for Future Times at Dahlak on Saturday made it their job to equitably distribute the love to all who attended. Exciting pictorial fun, after the jump.

The free show consisted of one- or two-person electronic acts associated with the local Future Times record label. Though each act was distinct (the best being Beautiful Swimmers, who also played at the Wonkette Inaugural Ball, thanks guys!), the overarching sound was upbeat and bass heavy, with enough blips and bleeps to make you feel like you were on a rocket ship in, uh, the future.

If you want to hear more space Valentine's from Future Times (and you should), you can visit their website or the free Disco City dance party put on monthly by one its denizens at the Rock and Roll Hotel. [Disco City, Friday, March 6th, [Rock and Roll Hotel]


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