Things You Didn't Know About Princess Diana! Tabs, Fri., Sept. 10, 2021

Things You Didn't Know About Princess Diana! Tabs, Fri., Sept. 10, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Fuckin' tell em Joe!

Wonkpal Charlie Pierce encapsulates. — Esquire

Whole thing: A little long in the middle but I FUCKIN LOVED IT.

Shut up and take your EXTREMELY AMERICAN VAX MANDATE that stretches back to GEORGE WASHINGTON'S GODDAMN ARMY. (Lancet)

mAsKs dOnT wOrk!1! Texas school districts without mask mandates have more COVID cases than districts with mask mandates, but that does not make any sense wait yes it does! (KXAN)

More than 1400 schools have closed due to outbreaks. — USNews

TurningPointUSA is "targeting" school boards over "evil" masks. (RightWingWatch) And Family Resource Council is collecting $$ to take the school boards over. So this is all very wonderful and great. (RightWingWatch again)

David Atkins thinks the GOP being cruel proud shitbirds might be, and you're not going to believe this, bad news for John McCain.Washington Monthly

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine — and he's one of the sane ones — sent police to the Mexican border while his cities were experiencing growing gun crime. (American Independent)


Ted Cruz porn lady looks at Gavin Newsom all like OOOH.

Well, this is certainly something. The Roe baby. A grown woman, with children, talking about her birth mother who was certainly a piece of shit. (The Atlantic)

"Potential LuLaRoe retailers were told they shouldn't go into debt to join the company, for instance, but several people interviewed in the series cite advice to sell breast milk to NICUs so they can afford to increase their inventory of LuLaRoe's products." Well, I am pretty sure I am going to watch this "LuLaRich" series about these terrible MLM people, Vox!

The case for the four-day workweek, again! Wonkette has a four-day workweek (except Robyn who opted out) with slightly longer days and one day off for errands and appointments, one day for bills and doctors, and one day for GOD just kidding ONE MOTHERFUCKING ACTUAL DAY OFF. An interview with the authors of Overtime, at HuckMag.

This man, Dale Peck, is very very very very very very mean to Andrew Sullivan and his book, and he's filthy about it at the same time. Enjoy! (The Baffler)

That time Robert E. Lee defeated the Taliban. — Roy Edroso substack

Oh shut the fuck up Lindsey Buckingham. Jeeeeesus waaaaaah. (Variety)

I think we'll go with this one.

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