• Wednesday, May 20: We thought we'd lay off the Heritage Foundation this week, but because they're so stubbornly anti-any new policy, it seems as if we have no other choice. This week's "Good God if only McCain were President" event/wake focuses on Cuba, land of sinister 1950s tropical communists. Sure, Heritage is angry with Obama for messing with the travel policy, and no, they're not advocating lifting that pesky embargo.¬†Wednesday at 11AM, the conservatives will explain that if we just loved Cubans a little bit more, Cuba would become a democracy and everything will be better! Because, you see, the Heritage Foundation understands that love -- and not fearmongering or torture -- is the chosen path to change.

  • Thursday, May 21: The New American Foundation outdoes itself again, this time by giving an interesting title to a potentially interesting event. "Drugs, Thugs and Cash: Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Heroin in Afghanistan," starting at 3:30PM, explores the role that heroin plays in financing Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and how this exchange is hampering our ability to do anything positive in the region.¬† Who knows, they may start referring to other terrorists and criminals as hooligans.
  • Thursday, May 21: The Urban Institute is entering the health care debate with perhaps the most profound and noteworthy analysis of the debacle: We need health care reform, now. The event, which starts at 12:15PM, focuses on the fact that too many people are uninsured, the current system is too expensive and the middle class is fucked. It's so refreshing that these thinkers are able to add such insights to one of the most pressing problems plaguing our country.
  • Thursday, May 21: Remember that handsome fellow who ran for president five years ago and people voted for him basically because there was no one better? Well, that charming man, Senator John Kerry, will be at the Bookings Institute at 12:30PM to talk about how our foreign policy is just all messed up, and how the aid we're giving to foreign countries really isn't making a difference at all. Can't say we didn't try!
  • Thursday, May 21: At 10AM the Center for American Progress delves into how we can fulfill Obama's goal to increase the number of Americans with post-secondary degrees. Obama has realized that the more we invest in young people and help them get an advanced education, the better our country!

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