Thinkers Are Overwhelmed With Paranoia

Tuesday, October 6: These days the EU poses about as much of a threat to the scientific method as Germany poses to France.  At least, that's what most rational people think.  AEI exposes how the EU has placed science in jeopardy! [AEI]

  • Tuesday, October 6: Well, that was fun. So much for a thriving, sustained US of A. The Urban Institute explores the pesky little debt, and we're all just a tiny, little bit screwed. [Urban Institute]
  • Thursday, October 8: Money buys power, especially in New York. According to the New America Foundation this practice is just WRONG. [New America]
  • Tuesday, October 6: Now that we've solved the health care crisis, it's time to move on to the next contentious, hot blooded issue: immigration. The Brooking Institution tell us exactly how we can continue to exploit immigrant labor so we can continue to enjoy cheap organic fruit. [Brookings Institution]
  • Thursday, October 8: We say paranoid, they say, but how can a nation survive without an archive of "activist" rulings from the Supreme Court that exposes liberals judges systematic threat to the law? [Heritage Foundation]

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