Thinkers Ask Where Happiness Comes From And Then Declare It To Be Unconstitutional


Monday, April 12 -- 5:30 PM: AEI finds its inner Jewish mother for its event about guilt and how its "moral and metaphysical bases" is ruining our ability to understand what is happening in the world. Well, whatever. [AEI]

  • Thursday, April 15: Bad economic news is burdensome or something that brings about feeling happiness, hope and security? The Brookings Institution delves into this most gripping of questions in their discussion about happiness, if it should be a national policy priority and why Republicans are happier than Democrats, which could have something to do with the fact that delusion is a central tenet of the Republican party. [Brookings Institution]
  • Friday, April 16: This week at the Cato Institute, the Government is to blame for the failure of... the education system. And some element of the Administration's education reform efforts, somehow, in some way, Cato is sure, is very, very unconstitutional. [Cato Institute]

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