Thinkers Declare Socialism To Be The Next Best Thing


Monday, October 26: Does anyone notice that we have a black president? If you still feel like talking about race in the Obama era, you're in luck: CAP is hosting a discussion about this elusive subject tonight at 6PM. [Center for American Progress]

  • Wednesday, October 28:Abortions: the only thing standing between you and the American Dream, at least according to the Brookings Institution. [Brookings Institution]
  • Thursday, October 29: Eight years after we began our little tussle in Afghanistan, the New American Foundation calmly asks experts to answer BASIC questions about the war and determine its BASIC strategy. "It’s never too late to do something productive" is now our military strategy. [New America Foundation]
  • Friday, October 30: In a fascinating turn of events, AEI, the champions of all things market, is not only questioning the merits of capitalism, but is also contemplating other economic systems -- including Socialism. AEI decides if “Capitalism is Worth Saving” Friday afternoon. [AEI]
  • Friday, October 30:The Cato Institute ruins Halloween by insisting that by eating candy made in the US we are screwing over Latin America AND Africa and the CARIBBEAN. They want a total overhaul of the U.S. sugar program and discuss this ever so important subject Friday afternoon over lunch only a diabetic could enjoy. [CATO]

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