Thinkers Disclose The Truth About Sex: Babies For Everyone


Thursday, October 15: In celebration of Columbus Day, Libertarians weigh the pros and cons of using smallpox blankets in Afghanistan. [Cato Institute]

  • Thursday, October 15: Did you know that "today's sex ed programs serve to perpetuate liberal lies and politically correct propaganda promoting the illusion that children can be sexually free without risk"? It's great! [Heritage Foundation]
  • Thursday, October 15: The Terri Schiavo-diagnosing doctor, Senator Bill Frist, got bored because he hasn't saved anyone on teevee in a while, so he wrote a book about how he is better than everyone and is hosting storytime at CSIS on Thursday. [CSIS]
  • Friday, October 16: Here's a fun one: what to do with Guantanamo now that our peace-promoting President can't decide what to do with it. [Common Cause]


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