Thinkers Disclose Why Afghanistan Needs Wal-Mart

Wednesday, September 23: Boo hoo California's broke. Half of its population has been laid off, the other half may be paid eventually, and basically no one there can find a job. Can AEI save California or should we just fuck it and assume the state will burn down from a wildfire anyway? [AEI]

  • Wednesday, September 23: Democrats want to tax the wealthy to pay for health care, but this seemingly solid idea has come under protest from the Heritage Foundation, which insists that we clearly will ALL suffer and die if this happens. Taxing the wealthy hurts EVERYONE you guys! They explain why this is a terrible, terrible, idea Wednesday at noon. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Wednesday, September 23: All those years of dictatorial rule in Latin America may have actually saved the country from the worst of the global financial crisis. The Latin American Studies program at SAIS discusses how Latin America is handling the crisis Wednesday at 12:45PM. [John Hopkins]
  • Thursday, September 24: Liberals love hating Wal-Mart, even if they don't know why. But fret not, on Thursday EPI will help them ground their frustration in something more nuanced than "corporations suck" through their event about why Wal-Mart is the worst corporation on earth. [EPI]
  • Friday, September 25: The Cato Institute wants you to know that this whole "nation building" thing in Afghanistan... BAD IDEA. Nope, not worth it. Oh well. On Friday they discuss why we must withdraw from Afghanistan ASAP. [CATO]

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