Thinkers Employ John McCain To Explain Why War Is Great

Monday, December 14: Obama now has his very own Doctrine! Hooray! And it's here just in time for Christmas! But that's not good enough for the New America Foundation. They want to know where it came from, if it will succeed, and if it makes any sense at all. [New America Foundation]

  • Tuesday, December 15: Walnuts, who is just SO upset that Obama maybe wants to end his beloved war in Afghanistan at some point, will be speaking at the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday. He is the LEADING republican voice on the president's strategy for Afghanistan after all, so we're sure he'll have positive, helpful things to say abut why we should be there forever! [Heritage Foundation]
  • Tuesday, December 15: No one would have AIDS right now, especially the gays, if the Bush administration didn't like God more than it liked science. So argues the Center for American Progress, who seem to find fault with every Bush policy, even the successful ones. [Center For American Progress]
  • Thursday, December 17: Because Facebook and Twitter went and made a mess of Iran, the State Department is thinking these might be THE new avenues in 21st century statecraft. The Brookings Institution explores these new tools of diplomacy at their event on Thursday. [Brookings Institution]

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