Thinkers Go After Women, Minorities and Babies

Tuesday, March 16: Our President and savior Barack Obama may actually be an incarnation of the long dead and often celebrated Jesus of Christian mythology, but the Brookings Institution is nonetheless convinced that religion was left out of the 2008 election. They ask if God will make a comeback in the 2010 elections and, if so, how many Democrats he will strike down before they remember that religion and 9/11 are for conservative use only. [Brookings Institution]

  • Wednesday, March 17: Even though it was decided that women don't need men to be successful, according to the Center for American Progress, it just so happens that unmarried women are more likely to be poor and miserable. NOW WHO'S LAUGHING? At their event on Wednesday, CAP experts¬† will read excerpts from Bob McDonnell's senior thesis and then go cry quietly in the corner. [Center for American Progress]
  • Thursday, March 18: The New America Foundation has compiled a team of at least seven experts to explain why, despite the stimulus and its magical ability to heal America, it still sucks to be poor and it's still great to be rich. [New America Foundation]
  • Thursday, March 18: Six months after the president decided to escalate the war, conservatives are, oddly, now, debating the question of what he should do. [Cato Institute]
  • Thursday, March 18: The Heritage Foundation takes this week to remind us that health care reform is BAD BAD BAD, SO BAD, and that even if conservatives win the midterms, Democrats will still win a series of incremental health care policy victories just like they did in 1994, so take that Obama. They also re-did their website so as to more prominently display their unrelenting paranoia and fear. [Heritage Foundation]

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