Thinkers No Longer Think Too Highly Of Dear Old Pres


Tuesday, January 26: Recent activities in Yemen have not convinced the New America Foundation that Yemen is a legitimate terrorist threat -- only that it is on the "brink" of becoming one. Sure, they may be in cahoots with Al Qaeda and may desire to nuke every American city with a population over 50,000, but who doesn't these days? [New America Foundation]

  • Thursday, January 28: It's been 365+ days since Obama took office and he has yet to mend relations between the US, Russia and Iran. The Middle East Institute is frustrated by Obama's inability to walk on water and will explain why on Thursday. [Middle East Institute]
  • Thursday, January 28: The Cato Institute asks, with regard to Obama's attempt to extend affordable health care to the uninsured and the possible tax implications that may result, if this "is any way to help the poor?" Especially when everyone knows that stifling the legislation is a much, much better way to help them out. [Cato Institute]
  • Thursday, January 28: The Brookings Institution isn't swayed by all this death of health care reform talk. They are hosting an event on Thursday about why older Americans need better care, that is, so that they can age and die in a way that is much cheaper for everyone. [Brookings Institution]
  • Friday, January 29: Well, the first stimulus didn't necessarily produce the results everyone wanted, so, wait for it, a SECOND stimulus must be the answer. The Urban Institute debates whether the economy would benefit from another jump start, or if it will just make things worse. [Urban Institute]

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