Thinkers Play Battleship


Wednesday, November 18: AEI is worried that there are no female scientists.  Oh wait, they don't really care, they're just worried that the government may intervene and do something about this. You know, because government intervention in ANYTHING brings about dire "socioeconomic repercussions." [AEI]

  • Wednesday, November 18: DC is the best place to live during the recession, with the government being here and such! Well, maybe. The Brookings Institution is going to tell exactly how the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, which includes us(!), have fared during the recession. [Brookings Institution]
  • Wednesday, November 18: AEI's newest admission that they are completely and utterly paranoid. They even have an interactive map of all the (critical) threats, which are all located in the Middle East because we clearly don't have issues with anyone anywhere else. They're hosting a discussion about the most critical threat of all, Waziristan, on Wednesday. [AEI]
  • Thursday, November 19: Hundreds of years after the introduction of smallpox blankets, and the near extinction of the Indians (whoops!), we now find ourselves concerned with their new media, technology and Internet use. How times have changed! But either way, it's still not looking good for the Indians. The New America Foundation tackles this issue on Thursday. [New American Foundation]

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