Monday, September 28: When you're down, worried about socialism, and convinced that Obama is Hitler, Ronald Reagan will always be there. Today, the Heritage Foundation once again honors this man.  [Heritage Foundation]

  • Wednesday, September 30: All left leaning, Christian millennials like to help people and therefore detest capitalism. AEI will now teach them what Jesus never could: the necessary and important relationship between the free enterprise system and values. [AEI]
  • Thursday, October 1: And now for some sobering health care fun: Cato is hosting the author of "How American Health Care Killed My Father" to talk about the failures of our health care system from an economic standpoint. [CATO]
  • Thursday, October 1: The Urban Institute has not hosted an event since June, which is fine because absolutely nothing important happened over the summer. They're back and talking taxes with Senator Wyden, a choice-lovin' democrat. [Urban Institute]
  • Friday, October 2: New America Foundation wants all unemployed '09 policy grads to know that their real calling is to write for Gossip Girl. [New America Foundation]

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