Thinkers Play With The Gays And Marvel At The Wonders Of The Internet

Wednesday, February 17: Rebuilding Haiti is extremely important, which is why the country just needs a Super Bowl. It will hands-down fix everything. The Brookings Institution discusses options for how best to rebuild the country, options which really should include building a Superdome and starting a professional football league. [Brookings Institution]

  • Wednesday, February 17: The fact that this even needs a discussion is rather telling, but Cato wants to know if there is a place for gays in conservative politics. Right after the Unicorns and three-legged men, perhaps they will make room for the gays and allow them to play as well. [Cato Institute]
  • Wednesday, February 17: The Internet is getting out of control and must, MUST, be stopped, at least according to CSIS. They contemplate if the Unternet can be protected or, if it were ever attacked, if it would be completely crippled, and gone forever. [CSIS]
  • Thursday, February 18: Breaking news out of the Center for American Progress: the Government should focus on doing things right if it wants people to respect it. Thankfully their event, called "Do What Works," will indeed lead to every solution to this extremely challenging, never before thought of concept. [Center for American Progress]

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