Thinkers Poke Each Other While Crying For The Insurance Companies


Monday, October 19: If all goes according to plan, soon America will be made in China. The New America Foundation divulges how the two countries have in fact become one.  [New America Foundation]

  • Tuesday, October 20: Now that everyone is on Facebook, the site has become so powerful that it can even stop genocide. You can now "poke" the Janjaweed. [Center for American Progress]
  • Wednesday, October 21: We were wrong: insurance companies are really just "lost souls in a complex maze of contradictory public policy and unrealistic expectations." And we thought they were acting out of greed.  SHAME ON US.  [AEI]
  • Thursday, October 22: No American is safe from the Obama administration -- even while eating breakfast. The Heritage Foundation insists that the executive branch WILL NOT STOP until they have complete social control. We're sure Reagan will come to the rescue. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Friday, October 23: Learn all about morality and world peace from the folks who invented torture. [AEI]

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