Thinkers Remind Us Why All That Matters Is How You Interpret Things


Tuesday, February 2: Last week we learned that corporations are more like people than actual people are, and on Tuesday the Cato Institute will tell us why the decision is a victory for those of us who secretly wish that we, too, had a fat-cat CEO and a stock listing. And on Thursday, February 4, Heritage weighs in and actually debates the legitimacy of the decision. (Who knows!) [Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation]

  • Tuesday, February 2: What to do, what to do with the legal children of illegal immigrants, especially when their parents get arrested, as this can be quite traumatic. On Tuesday the Urban Institute will provide us with the answer to this messy, messy question! [Urban Institute]
  • Wednesday, February 3: The Center for American Progress once again insists that climate change is real and happening, and is hosting an educational event on Wednesday all about how we are ruining the planet. [Center for American Progress]
  • Wednesday, February 3: Meeting the mental health needs of our armed forces and returning veterans is not necessarily a revolutionary, nor bad, idea, and CSIS will tell us all about why we should do it on Wednesday. [CSIS]
  • Friday, February 5: Scholars debate the merits of population control and declare that the 400 millions Americans who will call the US home by 2050 will make the US more diverse and competitive than other nations... Look at AEI getting all excited about diversity! [AEI]

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