Thinkers State the Obvious


Tuesday, December 1: Contemplating large expenditures after they've been implemented -- it's the American way. The Urban Institute considers if the government is actually capable of stimulating economic mobility, $750 billion dollars later. [The Urban Institute]

  • Wednesday, December 2: The media cares more about While House party crashers than important things like education. This is such breaking news over at the Bookings Institution that they're hosting an event all about it! [Brookings Institution]
  • Wednesday, December 2: All the Cato Institute wants for Christmas is to go to Cuba, becauseĀ  Americans have a RIGHT to promote freedom in Cuba and to do whatever else they want to do. On Wednesday, Cato discusses why we should end the travel embargo. [Cato Institute]
  • Thursday, December 3: The Heritage Foundation reveals the Conservative vision for counter terrorism on Thursday. Something like, find the Arab nearest to you, send him to prison, and call anyone who thinks he should have due process a commie. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Friday, December 4: AEI is continuing to find whatever reason it can to criticize the Democrats' health care plan. This week they whine that health care bills are not fair, but don't worry, they don't actually offer an alternative proposal. [AEI]

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