Thinkers Take Back The Constitution!

Tuesday, September 15: Happy anniversary Lehman Brothers!  One year ago today you kids went under, screwing over pretty much all of America. Here's to last year, a year of high unemployment, bailouts and the near total collapse of the American/global banking system! The Brookings Institute examines what happened last September, where we are today, and what we can do to prevent future crises Tuesday at 10AM. [Brookings Institute]

  • Tuesday, September 15: It seems that our debt is a bit out of control these days, and now we're looking right in the face of that scary little problem where your money is absolutely worthless: INFLATION. The New America Foundation looks at the threat the debt poses to the value of the dollar Tuesday morning.  [New America Foundation]
  • Thursday, September 17: According to the Heritage Foundation, progressives are planning a large-scale attack on the Constitution! Will it be able to withstand this "assault," and can conservatives save American Values? Find out Thursday at noon. [Heritage Foundation]
  • Thursday, September 17: We must be more strategic in our communications with the Middle East in order to achieve peace, in the Middle East.  The End.  So says AEI, and they will enlighten us about this theory Thursday at 10AM.  [AEI]

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