Thinking Our Way To a Free Iran, and So Much More

Thinking Our Way To a Free Iran, and So Much More

  • Monday, June 22: Even though you can get a pretty thorough and in-depth look at what's happening in Iran via the godsend that is Twitter, the New America Foundation thought you might like to hear from the "experts" about what's happening and what we need to do. Their little two hour pow-wow starting today at 3:30PM will not produce any tangible results, but you may learn a thing or two about lawlessness, corruption, and how to avoid getting tasered if a big, bad dictator ever threatens your freedom.
  • Wednesday, June 24: "Can you be trusted with free speech? Many politicians in Washington don’t think so." And so begins the description of the Heritage Foundation's weekly paranoia event, this Wednesday at noon.  This time the focus is on how Reagan gave everyone free speech and now those crappy Democrats taking all the good stuff away (cue temper tantrum).  At next week's "the Democrats are after us" event, we expect Heritage experts will accuse Democrats of inventing the Pig AIDS to hasten the passage of health care reform.
  • Wednesday, June 24: Starving interns are so last year. The newest addition to the educated and hungry category: starving, unemployed doctors or lawyers. If your desperation for employment is approaching the "post Erotic Services ads on Craigslist" level, Campus Progress has convened a panel of experts on Wednesday at 5:30PM to explain the best way to Navigate the Beltway.
  • Thursday, June 25: God forbid if Obama ever does something that can't be qualified by the word "historic." Even his trips to local hamburger joints have earned this distinction, so it's not surprising that his little jaunt over to Russia next week has everyone talking about his next "historic trip." The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is quite determined to make this trip the most historic of all, and at 3PM on Thursday is hosting an event to explain what exactly Obama must do to strengthen relations between American and Russia.
  • Friday, June 26: The US foreign aid program has not been reviewed since it was established in 1961, nearly 50 years ago. Tis' the season for change, so experts are getting together at noon on Friday in a discussion organized by the Wodrow Wilson Center to finally take a look at the program and note all the ways that we have been wasting taxpayer money while not really assisting anyone for the past half century.

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