Thinning Hair At The Beehive

  • Long juicy Palin story alert! This one features the fascinating tidbit that the governor of Alaska's hair started thinning, so beset was she by worries following the terrible 2008 election failure and subsequent publicity overexposure. [New York Times]
  • Democrats are pretty mad at Dick Cheney for telling the CIA to keep secret whatever that secret thing was. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Judge Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings begin today. Is this person way outside the mainstream, or very mainstream? That depends on whether your name is "Sessions" or "Schumer." [AP]
  • The church founded when a fat married Catholic megalomaniac wanted a new wife is very upset over the ordination of gay American clergy. [Guardian]
  • British researchers have found a link between obese parents and their obese children of the same gender: they are both obese. [BBC News]
  • New study confirms what Wonketeers have known for years: swearing helps ease the pain. [Reuters]

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