This Ad Is Not The Apology Mitt Romney Had Hoped For


Mitt Romney had the swell idea yesterday to do five television interviews and demand in each that the Obama campaign apologize for suggesting he may have committed a felony in lying to the SEC. Which was odd because, as the recent Mitt Romney nonfiction classic NO APOLOGY instructed us, apologizing is for losers, and anyway why would the Obama campaign apologize for saying the best thing ever? This is a politician in a corner, folks, facing an incumbent president whose campaign, at least for the moment, is executing with more clarity and confidence than we've seen all year.

In a few days someone will probably blow it all with a "wacky gaffe" on the Wolf Blitzer show or wherever, and even if not, people forget most political crap 24 hours after it happens anyway, and rightfully so, since it is bullshit. What does it take to make something stick in this environment? What does staying power look like?

Watch this new Obama campaign ad and have your mind blown because, my god, wow, it's actually a perfect ad, and we're going to be talking about its ice-cold haunting killer beauty perfectness for years to come. (Unless Obama loses the election due to the lack of a functioning economy and so forth.) We're avoiding doing a true long-form analysis of it, because "long-form analysis of political ads" is among the more toolsheddy things a person can do. But oh, the horrible horrible temptation!


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