This Campaign Brought to You by the Letter W and the Number Two

With a catch phrase like "W stands for wrong," is it any wonder that the political debate of the day is about kerning? It's a slogan that's easier to mock than to remember: Limbaugh noted that, phonetically, it's like saying "P stands for psychology." Letterman wondered why the KE campaign could be so certain of what W stands for, yet still not be able to give us much of hint as to what John Kerry stands for. We hear that even among KE04 staff, the sound bite is unpopular, so much so that no one will take credit for authoring it -- though some suspect it may be passive-aggressive payback from one of the campaign's erstwhile masterminds: "Shrum's revenge." But seriously, not even Bob Shrum would consciously undermine a candidate out of spite. That Bert and Ernie pair who used to work out of the war room, on the other hand. . .

Democrats pelt Kerry with campaign advice [K-R/Mercury News]

Loss Leader: At 0-7, Adviser Bob Shrum Is Well Acquainted With the Concession Speech [WP]


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