geena%20davisAfter we blogged about the demise of "Commander in Chief" yesterday, a tipster emailed us:

"Geena Davis will be at the National Press Club tomorrow (Thurs) along with Marie Wilson from the White House Project to discuss the cancellation of 'Commander in Chief.'"

We were going to mention this to you, in case some of you might want to attend. But then, a few hours later, we learned:

The Geena Davis / White House Project event that was originally scheduled for tomorrow at the Natl. Press Club has been cancelled.

Poor Geena! What caused this "meta-cancellation"? Was George Clooney dropping by the NPC yet again?

Update: As it turns out, Davis wasn't dissed -- which shouldn't be surprising, considering that even a TV actress with a cancelled show is still a bona fide celebrity (and everyone in this town has a hard-on for bona fide celebrities).

Apparently a scheduling conflict with Davis developed late yesterday. The White House Project will reschedule either the NPC luncheon or newsmaker event for sometime in June or July.

Davis Awarded As ABC Shelves 'Commander' [AP]

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