This Is Friendster. This Is Your Brain on Friendster.

When you town's music scene sucks, how else to amuse yourself but via almost-anonymous sex?

    I am also a part of a Friendster-centric community at the Black Cat. It's true that every scenester has a profile and you bet we only fuck people we met over the net. . . . Every evening before a night at the red room, I do my research before hand of both the people I do know, and those I only know of. . . And whenever I go to the red room I will inevitably run into 5 or 6 people I have fucked.

Helpful tip: If two scenesters "pass each other by without speaking at the Cat," they must have "friendstered."

Not sure what's sadder here: The all-but-faceless fucking or the use of Friendster as a verb (though we're totally going to steal that).

Rant: Friendster Addiction [Craigslist]


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