This Is Why You Shouldn't Let Presidents Pick Their Own Senior Pictures

clintonportrait.jpgOk, he totally looks drunk. It's not just us, right? He looks like he's about to get all Richard Burton on Hillary ("You mentioned the child!") and then maybe knock everything off that mantel and collapse in a corner, weeping. But let's see what the artist has to say:

Shanks says he tried to experiment with the traditional look of presidential portraits. He wanted to make Clinton look "real," as opposed to "so presidential-looking he became an icon of non-humanity."

He added: "I think the painting really feels like Bill Clinton. It has -- I would not call it swagger. . . . What? An informality? A looseness, a relaxed nature."

A, how-you-say, totally loaded quality.

The Clintons: They've Been Framed! [WP]


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