This Is Your Bush on Drugs?

We've been getting a lot email regarding a series of articles published in Capitol Hill Blue about the allegedly precarious mental state of the President. Or, as one of their sources put it, "[T]he very real possibility that the President of the United States is loony tunes." Well, we make up news all the time, we know made-up news, and, ladies and gentlemen, this is seriously fucking made-up news. We understand why people might want to believe these stories, of course. You know, maybe Bush didn't lie about WMDs, he just hallucinated them. . . Not evil, just confused.

So, to clarify: Based on our admittedly meager contacts, we find it incredibly unlikely that Bush is a doped-up paranoid rageoholic.

He is, however, a flaming queen.

Bush Using Drugs to Control Depression, Erratic Behavior [Capitol Hill Blue]

Sullen, Depressed President Retreats Into Private, Paranoid World [Capitol Hill Blue]

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