This Just In: The Daily Show's Samantha Bee has Unfunny Baby

samanthabee_baby.jpgLivejournal's Daily Show bulletin board has great, great news: the affable faux-news program's Senior Pregnancy Correspondent, Samantha Bee, has finally given birth to her very own Wee Bee.

After meeting with the show's Rob Corddry recently, the poster reveals that:

Sam and Jason had their baby! Piper Bee-Jones. Rob thinks Jason will be back at work in a few weeks, and Sam is expected to return in a few months. I didn't ask for any more details regarding when she gave birth, or the specs of the kid. Or even what country she was born in. (Sorry!)

Also, Rob and his wife are expecting in the summer and had their first ultrasound yesterday; they don't know the sex, but Rob says "it appears the kid is hilarious".

OK, but Bee-bee's baby, the poor little lass? Stacey Grenrock-Woods' baby is cuter, certainly. And Rachael Harris' has to be funnier.

And Lizz Winnstead and Madeline Smithberg's baby? So full of itself now that it has Emmys and is hosting the Oscars.

(Please, spare us the obligatory "All babies are cute" routine. We assure you, this child most certainly will not fall into that realm.)


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