This 'Kendra' Character Should Resign


Well, now we know why District Republicans are such an incredibly powerful bunch: because they can bend the laws of spelling to their will. After the jump, a press release from the D.C. Republicans suggesting that a mysterious "Vive Kendra," a former French porn starlet witha knack for computers, should resign from the Obama administration.

Friday the 13th Brings Horrors to the District

Washington, DC: The DC Republican Committee made the following statement in regard to yesterday's news that the FBI raided the DC's Chief Technology Office and arrested one District employee and a well known contractor.

"It's ironic that as the FBI was raiding Vive Kendra's former District office, when Kendra was giving a speech at FOSE about changing the way the government procurement should be handled. Kendra made national news last night because of his mismanagement of the District's Procurement Office. He should step down immediately from his position in the Obama administration," stated DC Republican Committee Chairman Robert J. Kabel.

Just wait till President Billroque Orbimbo finds out about this!


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