'This Overzealous Unprofessional Baby That You Call a President Is Ruining Our Lives'


'Dear shit-fer-brains ...'Did you know Barack Obama is an overzealous baby who obviously wanted to get into show business, but mistakenly became president? No? You don't know that? Maybe you should turn off your "converter box government controlled t.v.s." It's even better than an Email of the Day -- it's the AOL comment of the day!

You know how your editor writes that AOL thing? Well, each comment is emailed by the AOL robot, and now and then your editor is bored enough to open one of these things, and .... just read, and enjoy:

Author: mikey


how sad that MOST americans do not think for themselves..their t.v.s control their lives ..their converter box government controlled t.v.s. sadly MOST americans are very ghertto in thought because of this . who in the hell do all of you idiots think is going to pay this money back? this overzealous unprofessional baby that you call a president is ruining our lives. hes not stepping up and telling us to

stay in our houses,hes telling you to be strong because thats what americans do. meanwhile hes hanging out with low life hollywood sluts like fergie. what a joke. his dream was OBVIOUSLY to get in to the entertainment industry, as expected the idiot applied at the wrong place. for the record, HES BI RACIAL,NOT BLACK! another one of his many lies. this man is the BIGGEST THREAT to our so called freedom and the stupidity of america is appalling. george bush is a saint compared to this immature ego maniac..what a creep.

Jesus. Imagine all the heart attacks and blown gaskets caused by these people trying so hard not to say nigger.


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