This Panda Could Be Hazardous to Your Health

Sleeping StickYesterday's post on the National Zoo's hideous acid-flashback panda wear and the role of the PandaCam in our life apparently introduced a fair number of people to that labor-wasting device (a.k.a. "The 'Stick Pic"). We were especially heartened to receive this notice:

Wonketter --


Brilliant! All work in the newsroom ground to a halt. We are all watching the Stick on Panda-cam.


You've done a valuable public service. I owe you a drink.


[redact as usual, etc.]

And here bloggers thought that they would bring down the MSM.

WARNING: The 'Stick Pic is a highly addictive substance. Symptoms include frequent reloading, IMing with friends about the degree to which the 'Stick twitches in his sleep, and debating whether he is, in fact, smiling.

SECOND WARNING: Butterstick occasionally appears to be exploring his sexuality in congress with the cage's bars. This may not be suitable viewing for young children. Though it's still cute.


PandaCam [Animal Planet]

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