Stranger danger, y'all.

Oh look, it's another TOTALLY NORMAL REACTION to how Target has issued a policy that says people can use whichever restroom matches their gender identity. We are beginning to wonder what wingnuts actually do in the bathroom, because for a significant portion of America to be freaking out about human beings going into bathroom stalls and aiming #1 and #2 at the potty, there's got to be something we are missing.

Anyway, here is insane pastor Rick Wiles, host of the wingnut TruNews radio program, sharing a fetish he's been having, about doing golden showers on the floor at Target:

Target's statement on toilet rights says, "We certainly respect that there are a wide variety of perspectives and opinions," said Target spokesman Molly Snyder. "As a company that firmly stands behind what it means to offer our team an inclusive place to work, and our guests an inclusive place to stop, we believe that this is the right thing for Target." Now listen to this, she said, "Target stores have single stall family restrooms for those that may be more comfortable with that option."

HOW ABOUT IF I JUST URINATE ON YOUR FLOOR, HOW ABOUT THAT, MOLLY? Because you're defecating on this nation!

Well then, guess that's tit for tat! Or piss for poop.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Pastor Rick Wiles, who is a defender of Family Values (and who also thinks Planned Parenthood clinics double as Satanic temples, because no shit, Sherlock), is so very worried about transgender people going into stalls and making bathroom, that he would like to fish his little pigtail penis out of his zipper -- maybe in the women's clothing department, or in the gender-neutral toy section of the store, we dunno -- and make a BIG show of doing wee wee on the floor.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]This is just a GREAT way to show everybody who's a real sexual predator bathroom threat and who isn't. Hey, maybe "journalist" James O'Keefe would like to pretend to Snapchat some ladies in the ladies' room at Target too, to MAKE A POINT. Alternately, he could just lure the Target Lady into a dildo lube boat and "pretend" to sex her. Take that, you transgenders!

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Now, to be fair to Rick Wiles, we should mention that he gets REAL squicked out and fucking insane about all homo-lezzie-transformer things. When those Christian cake-baking assfucks in Oregon, Aaron and Melissa Klein, violated nondiscrimination laws by refusing to bake a cake for gays, and were subsequently fined, he said it was JUST LIKE HITLER. He didn't threaten to pull out his penis and show it to all of Oregon that time though.

Is the Target potty just like Hitler too?

Our minds are being captured ... by perverts. This is what happened in Germany. The Nazis were perverts. They took over Germany. It was a radical, socialist, homosexual movement called the Nazi Socialist Party. They're now in control of America. And sane people better rise up and oppose it quickly. This is just the beginning.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]The cake-bakers got Holocausted (just like those pizza bigots!) and now the Target Lady is Holocausting everybody and UGH all the Holocausts! Maybe one day there will be a museum in Washington so we can #NeverForget about the time Rick Wiles and all his conservative Christian pals got Holocausted by the gays and the BLTs, and it'll be just like the REAL Holocaust museum, except for it will be called the LOL-ocaust Museum, because it will be a hilarious museum.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]Wiles added the final "QED, bitches!" to his case by explaining that "these [LGBT] freaks are going to get us all killed" by causing nuclear war with Russia, at which point everybody will die and go either to heaven or hell, and it will all be because of Target Poo Poo, THE END, WE DARE YOU TO ARGUE WITH HIS LOGIC.

[Right Wing Watch via PinkNews]

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