This Weekend In the District It's White Flight Vs. Gentrification

This Weekend In the District It's White Flight Vs. Gentrification
  • Wednesday, May 27: If you’re a fan of gentrification (and who isn't?), you should be thrilled to find out about the opening of the H Street Country Club in the Atlas District.  Although there is something off about opening a country club in a predominantly black neighborhood when the majority of the patrons will probably be white kids from the NW quadrant, it should be a great new way to have fun in the Distinct.  After all, there is a mini golf course.  [H Street Country Club]

  • Thursday, May 28: In this city, you don’t have to be a good person to do good things; all you have to do is like to eat and drink. This week, you, your stomach and your liver have the power stop violence in foreign countries. Peace Brigades International, an NGO that promotes peace and human rights in various countries, is hosting a happy hour for peace (what are the odds?) at Café Citron from 6PM-9PM. If drinking can create peace, imagine what else your unyielding desire to be inebriated could accomplish. $10 in advance, $15 at the door. [Happy Hour For Peace]
  • Saturday, May 30: Porters Dining Saloon, one of the many bars in DC that provides the opportunity to take home an underage intern, is hosting a beer pong tournament on Sunday. For those of you who a) miss college and b) find drinking to be most enjoyable when there is a ball in your cup, check out Porters at 1PM on Sunday. The winner gets to go to the Beer Pong Championship Tournament in Atlantic City and play for the chance to win $25,000. Cool, or the most pathetic thing ever? $25 per person. [Porters]
  • Sunday, May 31: Last week we mentioned how Top Chef Contestant Spike Mendelsohn is the most annoying man in the world and, amazingly, in less than a week he has managed to become an even bigger douchebag. Every single goddamn Sunday until Labor Day he will be hosting a rooftop BBQ complete with beach balls, hamburgers and girls in bikinis at the Capitol Skyline Hotel. WHY WON’T HE STOP?? [Capitol Skyline]
  • Food to look forward to: The less syllables in its name, the cooler a place is: thus the preponderance of monosyllabic restaurants on 14th Street. Take for example Cork, whose owners are opening a "neighborhood market" next to the restaurant. "Neighborhood" to them means selling items that yuppies will eagerly buy including gourmet wine, cheese, jams, spreads, pasta, breads and other goods… The market should be opening in the fall. [Metrocurean]

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