Plenty of Opportunities to Thank DC & Dead Soldiers by Eating Food

Plenty of Opportunities to Thank DC & Dead Soldiers by Eating Food
  • Wednesday, May 20: There's no shame if the only charitable contribution you ever make to the District of Columbia is via eating at fundraisers. If a full stomach is your way of saying, "Thanks DC for heightening my chance of getting AIDS and for granting me the opportunity to almost be murdered on multiple occasions," we highly recommend heading to the Verizon Center today for "Taste of Eleven," a fundraiser put on by Wizards Care that raises money for the Capital Area Food Bank. Today from 12PM-2PM, $11 gets you the choice of six different lunch items from over 40 different area restaurants. [Taste of Eleven]

  • Thursday, May 21: If you need more proof that being a socialist country is totally awesome, everyone’s favorite new fro-yo spot, Yogen Fruz, is hosting its official grand opening on Thursday, which means FREE frozen dessert treats for everyone! From 8AM-9AM they will be giving away free small smoothies and from 5PM-6PM they will be giving away free small yogurts. [Yogen Fruz]
  • Monday, May 25: There's no better way to celebrate Memorial Day than by eating tons of hamburgers and hot dogs while drinking ridiculous amounts of beer. Some would say it's THE American way to pay homage to those who died while in the service. If grilling is your thing, the Washingtonian has a guide to summer grilling which includes grilling techniques and recipes. Or, if you have a tendency to almost char off your eyebrows while attempting to even turn on the barbecue, there are plenty of great BBQ restaurants in DC including Old Glory and Capital Q BBQ and Rocklands.
  • Tuesday, May 26: If you like beer, which you most likely do, and you like France, which probably is a toss up but worth it in this situation, you should check out the French Beer Dinner at Brasserie Beck. For $85 you get four courses, and each is paired with a different French beer. It's expensive, but there's no doubt that it will be delicious. [Brasserie Beck]
  • Food to potentially look forward to: It's safe to say that many DCers are over Chef Spike and his restaurant Good Stuff Eatery. That's great how he was on teevee. Wow, what an accomplishment! Someone should really give him a cookie. In a month or so, right next store to Good Stuff , he's planning on opening up a pizzeria. Why? Because he loves pizza and he was on teevee so he can cook everything perfectly and we all unfortunately will go and eat there because he was on teevee and we think he can cook everything perfectly. [Pizza]

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