This Weekend You Can Do Cartwheels With The Soviets
  • Tonight and Saturday, June 6: Georgetown students are experts in lots of things, including how to be pretentious and buy nice clothing. But, little known fact, they're also experts in being homeless. They're so well versed in what it means to have no money and to live on the streets that they even created a play about it! Catch Address: Unknown (deep title, we know) this weekend, at 8PM. Tickets are $5. [Atlas Performing Arts Center]

  • Tonight and Sunday, June 7: Now that we may have a Latina on the Supreme Court, it's very important that we learn about all things evil, not the least of which is the Soviets. This weekend catch three silent films by Soviet filmmakers at the Freer Gallery. At this crucial time, when our government owns the world, there is NOTHING more important than learning everything there is to know about communism. Take notes. [Freer and Sackler Galleries]
  • Tonight through Sunday, June 7: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, a classic musical about the trials and tribulations of gender ambiguity in such LGBT-friendly communities as communist Germany and Kansas, takes center stage at the Warehouse Theater. This rock musical is one of kind, and you may learn a thing of two about the perils of life when sex change operations don't go as planned. Tickets are $20. [The Warehouse]
  • Tonight through Sunday, June 28: If you've ever wondered what Eva Peron's afterlife is like, and come on, who hasn't, catch the the Gala Theater's performance of Mommy in the Closet: The Return of Eva Peron. We hope we find out what she thought of Madonna's performance, not to mention how she feels about her life becoming a musical. [Gala Theater]
  • Daily throughout the summer: DC is a fascinating city, with its politics, lies, corruption and all that good stuff, but it's never been home to a trapeze school -- UNTIL NOW. The trapeze school of New York just opened a branch in DC and you can catch people falling to their early deaths and/or learning how to do cartwheels in the air daily at H and Ninth streets, NW. [Trapeze School]

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