We've judged that you're now just about sick of hearing about the Connecticut Senate race, so let's move on to Pennsylvania Senate race. The highlights:

  • Democrats say that the petition signatures the Green Party submitted to get its Senate candidate on the ballot include such ineligible voters as Mickey Mouse, Mona Lisa, Woody Allen, Robert Redford, George Bush, Gerald Ford and Lee H. Oswald. The firm that collected the signatures, JSM, Inc., was hired with money from GOP donors.

    What we want to know is WHY ARE PEOPLE SO FUCKING RETARDED? Is it really so hard to use fake names that don't belong to actual famous people? Here, here's our little gift to the signature-faking community: The Random Name Generator. Knock yourself out.

  • The GOP in Westmoreland County in the suburbs of Pittsburgh are all peeved because someone in the state party fired one of their staffers, so they've split from the state Republican party and they're going to have their own campaign for Santorum and it's going to be totally awesome and stuff and so much better than the state campaign which is for losers. The print was too small and the details too boring for us to really get a handle on the background to this dispute. It may or may not have involved a fundraiser for Bob Casey held at somebody's cousin's house.
  • By the time we got around to reporting yesterday that Santorum won't fire gay people for being gay, he had already changed his mind and now reserves the right to do so. So, you know, watch out, gays.

Dems: Green Party petitions fake [P P-G]

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