Thomas Friedman: People Will Have Jobs When They Start Their Own Businesses And Hire *Themselves*


Poorly executed human mustache Thomas Friedman has a solution to our country's unpopular "no jobs problem." It involves like, everyone starting a business, right? But see the incentive (or "moral hazard") is that everyone's going to be selling products they invented themselves. "Obama should make the centerpiece of his presidency mobilizing a million new start-up companies that won’t just give us temporary highway jobs, but lasting good jobs that keep America on the cutting edge. The best way to counter the Tea Party movement, which is all about stopping things, is with an Innovation Movement, which is all about starting things." If you have qualms, though, don't have qualms! Thomas Friedman has already figured out where we're going to get the child-aged middle schoolers (?) that are required for all new businesses.


And to reignite his youth movement, he should make sure every American kid knows about two programs that he has already endorsed: The first is National Lab Day. Introduced last November by a coalition of educators and science and engineering associations, Lab Day aims to inspire a wave of future innovators, by pairing veteran scientists and engineers with students in grades K-12 to inspire thousands of hands-on science projects around the country.

America will be the #1 exporter of vinegar/baking soda volcanoes in under five years, minimum.

Extra credit for tipster "Mike G." [New York Times]


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