Thompson Staffer Deems McCain Slightly Less Pathetic


Wait, what?

In what political observers have called the ultimate insult, Fred Thompson's former New Hampshire lieutenant has inked a deal to vice chair John McCain's leadership team in the Granite State.

Dan Hughes, a former state legislator and Reagan HUD official, apparently thinks that it will be more fun to spend the next six months with an angry, manic, bankrupt failure than with a doddering, aimless, confused failure. In announcing his Benedict Arnold-like betrayal of the amiable TV star, Hughes said "Senator McCain understands the value and purpose of New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary and the importance of building a strong grassroots organization in the Granite State." Like most inhabitants of this mountainous Aryan enclave, Hughes is mainly concerned with maintaining its stranglehold on the electoral process, and doesn't really care what lunatic old man he backs or how much of American democracy he destroys in the process.

When informed of Hughes defection, Thompson mumbled something unintelligible into his shirt collar and then wandered off to find some food or something.

Once the top Thompson backer, now he's with McCain [Boston Globe]

Dan Hughes Joins McCain Team []


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